Using the power of Aikido to SUPPORT  veterans with  Post Traumatic Stress  [PTSD]

Book Information

A book for

  • Therapists, psychologists, psychiatrists, counselors and others interested in a more effective,                      holistic approach to Post Traumatic Stress
  • Aikido senseis, practitioners and dojos wanting to offer a valuable contribution to veterans with                 combat-related Post Traumatic Stress
  • Veterans support programs open to expanding their options to include the kinesthetic therapeutic               learning inherent in the practice of Aikido
  • Veterans looking for a martial art that will enable them to redirect the energy of their anger and             fear to constructive use.

The book includes

  • an analysis of the disorder
  • an overview of the statistics
  • a description of the power of Aikido as kinesthetic therapy
  • a one-year case history

The book is now available from Levellers Press

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What Tom said about the book:

The book is based on my personal experience, my work with veterans with CRPTSD and disadvantaged inner city youth and research done during my MEd and EdD work and in writing this book. I find myself writing in three different voices. I started with the intention of enabling those who teach Aikido to bring the art to other veterans with CRPTSD by expanding on the blog of my first year's experience in a program for vets with CRPTSD.  As I wrote and researched, the book rapidly morphed into an attempt to clarify why I believe Aikido has a place in treatment programs for vets with CRPTSD. Now, it has become a proposal that the best overall modality for working with CRPTSD is a holistic approach offering a smorgasbord of treatment options, including the kinesthetic therapeutic learning inherent in the practice of Aikido.